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Molly Fisk: That Kind of Woman

We try them on as subjects, our mythical forebears, 

wondering who we are: Penelope. Persephone. Eve.

Eurydice. Sleeping Beauty, Cassandra, Ophelia, Cinderella. 


Barbie. Because we know what it’s like to have our visions 

ignored. To lie completely still, waiting for kisses — unravel 

something it took all day to weave. To be taken 


unwillingly into fear and darkness and still be hungry. 

We’ve teetered in 4-inch heels, whether our feet 

were molded plastic or not. We’ve swept the hearth, 


we’ve offered water. Floated downstream, weeds, leaf-wrack 

snarled in our hair. We’ve bitten into the apple and left

the marks of our teeth. We know what it’s like to walk the path 


behind him, beautiful man, wondering almost academically 

whether he loves us enough not to turn, so familiar 

with his impatience we know he cannot help but turn.

Copyright 2019 Molly Fisk

Angelica Kauffmann, Penelope at her Loom, 1764, oil on canvas, 169 x 118 cm, Brighton Museum

2 comments on “Molly Fisk: That Kind of Woman

  1. namelessneed
    August 12, 2019


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    • mollyfisk
      August 12, 2019

      you’re welcome


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