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Alison R. Parker: Mother of Heather Heyer urges action — “If I gotta give her up, we’re gonna make it count.”

In a poignant and rallying message, Susan Bro, the mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer, spoke beautifully about her daughter’s life — and how all of us can honor her … Continue reading

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Leonard Gontarek: National Security

  Monday: Alphabet Soup. Tuesday: Alphabet Soup. Wednesday: Punctuation Soup.   The sun cinches the edge of winter trees.   Why this talk of seeing into your own nature? Huang … Continue reading

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Jon Tribble: 38,000,000 Reasons

I had left the Colonel and his kitchen behind for good and was detoxing as a movie theater usher in the last of my senior year of high school, but … Continue reading

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Kareem Tayyar: On Queshm Island, Iran

Last night I saw you in the Valley of Stars. “Ghost country”, you called it, As you floated through the rock formations like a prophet in love with the loss … Continue reading

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John Samuel Tieman: The Dirty War

desaparecido it’s not the police you see Eduardo says fear the police you can’t sometimes you hear the missing sometimes you don’t they open their mouths and make that sound … Continue reading

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Kareem Tayyar: James Baldwin

I try to imagine you on a night when the moon is full. When the woman you are with did not have to leave the house before you. When the … Continue reading

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Michael Simms: Hammer

On East Carson Street, skinny white boys Slump in front of tattoo parlors Scratching their arms. Girls In short skirts take long pulls On cigs, stand in groups Smiling at … Continue reading

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Video: Stylo G x Jacob Plant “Bike Engine”

. Directed by Keith Schofield, this short film is the strangest visual poem you will ever experience. . . Email subscribers may click on the title of this post to … Continue reading

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Gary Margolis: Pancakes and Kabobs

Our town invites in three thousand refugees. We used to count ourselves in, our town of nine hundred fifty three. We’ll have to   rent extra seats for them to … Continue reading

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Arlene Weiner: Wordless

My mother’s magazines advised “togetherness,” advertised Simplicity patterns   for matching mother-and-daughter dresses, asked “Can This Marriage Survive?”   I found Popular Science, admired the clear lines and cheerful mien … Continue reading

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Doug Anderson: It Ain’t Over

Some things are over before they’re over. A bad marriage. A bad war. It got so a squad would go out, call in checkpoints as if on the move, sit … Continue reading

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Video: Never Again (a tribute to Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

. During the final stage of World War Two, the United States dropped nuclear weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively. … Continue reading

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Patricia Youngblood: Two West Virginia Poems

five hundred mountains   over 500 mountains in Appalachia have been leveled by mountaintop removal mining, more than 1,000 miles of streams poisoned and buried in mine waste . the … Continue reading

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Jose Padua: Because Even in the Darkest of Days Revolution Is a Movement Towards the Light

On the same day in August 1967 when American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell was killed, my younger brother was born: one bad guy down, one good guy up … Continue reading

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