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Video: Behind the Bars

. The African-American poet who travelled 1,200 miles to Harvard, only to be thrown in jail. I am a pilgrim far from home, A wanderer like Mars, And thought my … Continue reading

June 17, 2018 · 2 Comments

Video: Ma Mama

. In this imaginative animated video, two lovers explore a patterned jungle world and meet some animal friends along the way. Director Katy Wang says, “I had so much fun creating … Continue reading

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Video: “Night Shift” by Zia Mondviwalla

. Salote, an airport cleaner, starts another long night shift. She keeps her head down, does her job, and gleans her survival from what others leave behind. No one would … Continue reading

June 3, 2018 · 1 Comment

Video: Alike

. From Barcelona comes “Alike,” a short animated film by Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez which tells the story of Copi, a father who tries to teach the right … Continue reading

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John Samuel Tieman: To mourn the man by name

Guillaume Apollinaire As we approach the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, it is easy to think of all that as distant. Distant and perhaps overwhelming with its … Continue reading

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Video: Birth of a Bee

. From egg to the air: 21 days of bee development condensed into one mesmerising minute. After just three weeks of development, worker bees emerge from their brood cells fully … Continue reading

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Video: Meet Theo Jansen’s fantastical inventions — creatures that feed only on the wind

. Theo Jansen is part artist, part mad scientist. From PVC piping, he builds fantastical creatures that feed only on the wind: propelled by the movement of the air around … Continue reading

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Video: Johnny Cash — “Hurt”

  . In what may have been the last recorded performance of Johnny Cash, he covers a Trent Reznor lament about love and loss. Email subscribers may click on the title … Continue reading

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Video: The Reluctant Radical (Trailer)

. If a crime is committed in order to prevent a greater crime, is it forgivable? Is it, in fact, necessary? Lindsey Grayzel‘s film The Reluctant Radical follows activist Ken Ward … Continue reading

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Abby Zimet: This Is America

  . This week saw both more achingly quotidian crimes against African-Americans – cops called for Shopping/Napping/Airbnbing While Black – and, aptly mirroring them, the release of the searing video … Continue reading

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Video: A Mighty Nice Man

. Based on a short story by Patricia Highsmith, Jonathan Dee’s adaptation of “A Mighty Nice Man” brings the essence of the South in the early 20th century to life. … Continue reading

May 6, 2018 · 2 Comments

Video: Tobacco Girl

. While Mümine thinks about boys and school, her parents want an arranged marriage. Fourteen-year-old Mümine lives with her family in the mountains of Macedonia, members of the Yörüks, a … Continue reading

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Video: illuminate — a cinematic poem about being in the closet

. Nisha Gupta, the director of “illuminate,” says: This short film is based on in-depth phenomenological research interviews with sexual minorities about their lived experiences of being in the closet. … Continue reading

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Video: In the murky waters of climate change, native fishers are among the most vulnerable

. A treaty signed in 1836 grants members of the Ottawa and Chippewa tribe rights to fish in the waters of Lake Michigan. After nearly 200 years, the treaty is … Continue reading

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