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Video: Relatively Free

. Journalist and activist Barrett Brown is released from prison after four years. On his drive across Texas to a halfway house, he discusses his extraordinary case and considers what … Continue reading

January 14, 2017 · 1 Comment

Video: Afterglow

. This short lyrical film by Sweetgrass Productions won “Best in Show” at the 2016 New York Drone Film Festival. Afterglow has been hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski … Continue reading

January 8, 2017 · 1 Comment

Video: Women Wage Peace — “Prayer of the Mothers”

. First Published on Nov 15, 2016. Yael Deckelbaum, Lubna Salame, Daniel Rubin, Miriam Tukan, Rana choir, the Hebrews of Dimona and singers from all sectors and religions of Israeli society. … Continue reading

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Two Videos: Carrie Fisher “Audition for Star Wars” and “Wishful Drinking”

  . Carrie Frances Fisher (1956 – 2016) was an American actress, writer, producer, and humorist. She was the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds. Fisher was … Continue reading

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Claudia Nolan: Fable

  . Fable is a visual koan that questions greed and value systems — and that moment of hesitation when courage may play a part. In our current moment, we … Continue reading

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Hans Runesson: Woman hitting neo-Nazi with her handbag, 1985

Danuta Danielsson, a Polish-Jewish woman whose mother was in a World War Two concentration camp, during a Neo-Nazi march in Växjö, Sweden on April 13, 1985. Photo by Hans Runesson. … Continue reading

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Video: The Garden of Earthly Delights According to Studio Smack

. PARADISE, a contemporary interpretation of The Garden of Earthly Delights Here’s the press release from Studio Smack: “Studio Smack, best known for their music video Witch Doctor by De … Continue reading

December 18, 2016 · 1 Comment

Video: The Treachery of Images

. This video essay by Nerdwriter explores the paradoxical precepts behind the art of René Magritte (1898-1967). One of his most stark and provocative works, The Treachery of Images (1929), is an exploration … Continue reading

December 18, 2016 · 1 Comment

Video: Elders

. After leaving India for the industrial north of England in the 1960’s, Karim and Kartari Chand never imagined they would end up being married longer than any other couple … Continue reading

December 10, 2016 · 1 Comment

Doug Anderson: Morning Poem

  In the detail from Botticelli’s painting, the one of the oranges in their deep green trees at twilight, I’m able to feel it again. As a child, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Claudia Nolan: The Mask of the Neenerans

  The Culture of the Neenerans Among the diverse cultures of the 21st century, there is a particularly proud group which considers itself to be the most elite and superior … Continue reading

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Video: “Two Went To Sleep” — Leonard Cohen

. In this short animated video based on a 1974 radio interview, Leonard Cohen reads his poem “Two Went to Sleep” and talks about how he came to write the … Continue reading

November 27, 2016 · 1 Comment

Video: Sister Rosetta Tharpe — Didn’t it Rain

. Sister Rosetta Tharpe plays ‘Didn’t It Rain’. Recorded in Manchester, England in 1964. Tharpe (1915-1973) attained popularity in the 1930s and 1940s with her gospel recordings, characterized by a … Continue reading

November 27, 2016 · 2 Comments

Video: Mni Wiconi — The Stand at Standing Rock

. This gorgeous short film features water protectors from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and allies trying to stop the 1,100-mile Dakota Access Pipeline – DAPL. Interviews in the film include … Continue reading

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