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Paul Christensen: Not All Roads Lead To The Banks

The word for temple in Latin is fane, and the market that stands before it is profane. And that word has come down to us as meaning anything other than the sacred, the dark side of human maneuvering and sleight-of-hand.

May 28, 2023 · Leave a comment

Matthew J. Parker: The Shine On her Shoes

With another Memorial Day upon us, I again find myself pondering its magnitude, which invariably brings me back to 2016, when President Obama met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on May 27.

May 27, 2023 · 7 Comments

Mike Vargo: AI and the Quantification of Everything

As someone who in fact aced the SAT and similar tests — but who then goofed off probably more than he should’ve at a fine university, and who in adult life has displayed episodes of colossal stupidity — I would not trust any attempt to put a number on a person’s intelligence.

May 9, 2023 · 8 Comments

Michael Simms: Prospero needs a little nap

Vox Populi will endure, albeit at a slower pace.

April 24, 2023 · 106 Comments

Paul Christensen: The Future of an Illusion

He is already shriveling into an empty legend, a flimsy cartoon of ruthless malevolence.

April 16, 2023 · 7 Comments

Aidan Smith: Despite Meat Industry Lies, Plant-Based Diets Are Healthy

Plant-based diets have been connected to a decrease in mortality.

April 10, 2023 · 7 Comments

Charles Davidson: The Road from Eden

The secret is in the vigil of watching and listening…

April 9, 2023 · Leave a comment

Paul Christensen: The Life of the Accused

I admired his courage, his tenacity, the strange will power some kids possess before they grow old enough to know real danger.

April 8, 2023 · 6 Comments

Baron Wormser: Within The Weeping Was Joy

Preface to the 2nd Edition of The Road Washes Out in Spring: A Poet’s Memoir of Living Off the Grid

April 7, 2023 · 7 Comments

Richard Feynman: Letter to Arline

I find it hard to understand in my mind what it means to love you after you are dead — but I still want to comfort and take care of you — and I want you to love me and care for me. I want to have problems to discuss with you — I want to do little projects with you.

March 25, 2023 · 6 Comments

Baron Wormser: The Good Life

It’s plain that the world as we know it is literally choking on its machine- and money-driven complexity.

March 19, 2023 · 11 Comments

Beverly Gologorsky: Hunger in America

How It Feels to Be Hungry

March 16, 2023 · 3 Comments

David Hassler: Intensive Care

Children under the age of fourteen weren’t allowed in the ICU. I was eleven, and my brother was thirteen, but no nurse or doctor was going to stop us from seeing our mother.

March 12, 2023 · 7 Comments

Valerie Bacharach: Chaos

There is no word for parents who have lost a child. Our language is chaotic. We are not widowed or orphaned. We are without, we are incomplete.

March 10, 2023 · 16 Comments

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