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Carlene M. Gadapee: Give Peace a Chance

The Burning World by Sherod Santos is a complicated and arresting mytho-historical and contemporary narrative demonstrating the pain of war and conflict.

May 25, 2023 · 5 Comments

Michael Simms: Orpheus in Hollywood

Michael Chabon hasn’t so much straddled genres as rejuvenated whatever he touches, making literary fiction more engaging and accessible and popular genres less cliched and formulaic.

May 6, 2023 · 20 Comments

Susan Farrell: Why Kurt Vonnegut’s advice to college graduates still matters today

If Vonnegut was, like the students’ fathers, a family man and a veteran, perhaps he also embodied the dad that students in 1969 dreamed their own fathers could be: funny, artistic, anti-establishment and anti-war.

May 4, 2023 · 4 Comments

Charles Bukowski: so you want to be a writer?

unless it comes unasked out of your
heart and your mind and your mouth
and your gut,
don’t do it.

April 28, 2023 · 13 Comments

Michael Simms: Prospero needs a little nap

Vox Populi will endure, albeit at a slower pace.

April 24, 2023 · 106 Comments

Baron Wormser: Fool

After the fool leaves The Tragedy of King Lear, where
does he go?
Home to see the wife, play ringolevio with the
neighborhood kids?

April 20, 2023 · 4 Comments

Baron Wormser: Within The Weeping Was Joy

Preface to the 2nd Edition of The Road Washes Out in Spring: A Poet’s Memoir of Living Off the Grid

April 7, 2023 · 7 Comments

Stuart Sheppard: The War Against Aesthetics in Contemporary Art

Should art speak, or do we need to speak for it?

April 2, 2023 · 20 Comments

Joan E. Bauer: It Takes a Lifetime

They’d both mastered the ‘poetics of place,’
small-town Mississippi and post-war California.
Welty believed & surely Macdonald agreed:
‘No art ever came from not risking your neck.’

March 27, 2023 · 10 Comments

Baron Wormser: The Good Life

It’s plain that the world as we know it is literally choking on its machine- and money-driven complexity.

March 19, 2023 · 11 Comments

Molly Fisk: Death, Herself

UNDRESS, SHE SAID by Doug Anderson, Four Way Books, Tribeca 2022, 102 pages, $17.95 . .             You might think, opening Doug Anderson’s fourth poetry collection Undress, She Said, that a man … Continue reading

March 3, 2023 · 10 Comments

Baron Wormser: Poetry and Paradise

One of the defining aspects of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel, This Side of Paradise, is poetry. The novel, devoted to the boyhood, young manhood, and then manhood proper (which is to say—war, disillusionment, and lost love) of Amory Blaine, traces the evolution of Amory’s sensibility.

February 11, 2023 · 4 Comments

Chris Wright: The Inspiring Outrage of Norman Finkelstein

Wokeness is what happens when the destruction of the labor movement proceeds so far, and social atomization becomes so all-consuming, that even the “left” adopts an individualistic, moralistic, psychologistic, censorious, self-righteous, performative approach to making social change.

January 30, 2023 · 7 Comments

Raphael Falco: How Bob Dylan used the ancient practice of ‘imitatio’ to craft some of the most original songs of his time

Bob Dylan is both a modern voice entirely unique and, at the same time, the product of ancient, time-honored ways of practicing and thinking about creativity.

January 27, 2023 · 5 Comments

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