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Jeremy Brecher: ‘Climate Kids’ vs. Trump is no ordinary lawsuit

Trial of the Century Pits Trump Climate Denialism Against ‘Right to a Climate System Capable of Sustaining Human Life’ Two days after the election of Donald Trump, 21 plaintiffs aged … Continue reading

February 26, 2017 · 1 Comment

Billy Clem: As My Death Approaches

I am gravely ill. Medical tests indicate that my blood and many of my internal organs now fail to perform necessary functions. My body, enervated, starving, looks and feels terrible. … Continue reading

February 22, 2017 · 17 Comments

Daniel R. Cobb: Trump Threatens National Security, Invoke Amendment 25

The Trump administration poses an existential threat to the United States and must be removed from office.   We know that seventeen US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia hacked the … Continue reading

February 20, 2017 · 1 Comment

George Monbiot: Primal Thrill

Kayaking with basking sharks provides a glimpse of the wonders we could experience if our seas are rewilded. I believe we possess a ghost psyche: a set of capacities that … Continue reading

February 18, 2017 · Leave a comment

Nadia Prupis: Town Halls Become ‘Indivisible’ Epicenters as Trump Resistance Grows

With help from an activist manual written by former congressional staffers, Republicans face angry crowds in home states. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was confronted by angry crowds at a town … Continue reading

February 11, 2017 · 1 Comment

Chris Hedges: Make America Ungovernable

Donald Trump’s regime is rapidly reconfiguring the United States into an authoritarian state. All forms of dissent will soon be criminalized. Civil liberties will no longer exist. Corporate exploitation, through … Continue reading

February 7, 2017 · 1 Comment

Video: Do political protests make a difference?

. Millions of people across America are resisting Trump’s policies. Do our protests make a difference? Can they be translated into changes in our institutions? What are the next steps? … Continue reading

February 4, 2017 · 2 Comments

Video: Resist — How to Triumph in Trumpland

. Based on decades of her writing and research, psychologist and community activist Glenda Russell gives us a quick summary on how to use Trump’s election as a springboard to … Continue reading

February 3, 2017 · Leave a comment

Abby Zimet: The Hottest Places In Hell

The crowds of protesters turning up “loud and present” outside courthouses Tuesday to protest Supreme Court choice Neil Gorsuch were not the only people fiercely opposing the flood of atrocities … Continue reading

February 1, 2017 · Leave a comment

Chris Hedges: American Psychosis

Reality is under assault. Verbal confusion reigns. Truth and illusion have merged. Mental chaos makes it hard to fathom what is happening. We feel trapped in a hall of mirrors. … Continue reading

January 31, 2017 · 2 Comments

Bill Moyers: Donald Trump’s Demolition Derby

We’re a week into the Trump administration and it’s pretty obvious what he’s up to. First, Donald Trump is running a demolition derby: He wants to demolish everything he doesn’t … Continue reading

January 29, 2017 · Leave a comment

Video: “Snow”– Geoffrey Jones’ 1963 classic short film about men and the weather

. Nominated for an Academy Award in 1965, this short documentary directed by Geoffrey Jones uses percussive, locomotive-inspired music to portray how British Railways workers coped with the ‘Big Freeze’ … Continue reading

January 29, 2017 · 1 Comment

Video: “Packard — The Last Shift” featuring Philip Levine

. The Packard Motor Car Company and its 5-million square foot plant became a symbol of the American Dream in the heart of the Motor City. Packard left town in … Continue reading

January 29, 2017 · 1 Comment

Philip Terman: The Day After The Inauguration, I Read Some Japanese Poetry

I turn away from the news To the open book of Musō Soseki Where he writes that inside his heart He keeps three thousand prancing horses. The heater comes on … Continue reading

January 28, 2017 · 6 Comments