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Jon Tribble: Anubis Online

… every god that is dead can be conjured again to life, as any fragment of rock from a hillside, set respectfully in a garden, will arrest the eye. —Joseph Campbell, … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Romero: Can’t You Feel It?

After supper tonight I watched a movie about a maid in the ‘Twenties who was hanged because she killed the man who raped her. Then I went down to the … Continue reading

November 27, 2017 · 1 Comment

Video: Women of These Hills — 3 Cultures of Appalachia

. Three Appalachian women in their 80’s share their stories of growing up in the rural regions of the Appalachian mountains. Take a glimpse into their lives as they share … Continue reading

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Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda performs “The Hamilton Mixtape” for Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House

  . Tony Award winning writer Lin-Manuel Miranda performs “The Hamilton Mixtape,” a song narrating Alexander Hamilton‘s unlikely rise from his origins as a illegitimate son of  a Caribbean prostitute … Continue reading

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Lindsey Royce: #MeToo

I embrace my Indian sister of the Dalit caste sentenced to gang rape, made to walk the dirt streets naked for my brother’s crime of marrying a woman of higher caste, … Continue reading

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Doug Anderson: Chopping Garlic

Never take this for granted: the smell of it on my fingers and the way when I drop it in hot olive oil it blooms yet again and when I … Continue reading

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Sam Hamill — To the Tune: Boat of Stars

Spring after spring, I sat before my mirror. Now I tire of braiding plum buds in my hair.   I’ve gone another year without you, shuddering with each letter—   … Continue reading

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Jose Padua: Days and Nights in the City Where I First Opened My Eyes

My mother worked nights at home, daytime too, in the house, at the sewing machine, making dresses for women who could afford to have dresses made for them. We bought … Continue reading

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Susan Sailer: Life That Hard

23 degrees. He sat on the sidewalk near a street with a stoplight, a sign propped beside him   HELP  I born deaf, homeless              Anything help On two layers … Continue reading

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Video: Eleanor Ambos

. Eleanor Ambos is an unlikely tycoon. Since arriving in New York from her native Germany at age 20, she has transformed a modest interior-design business into a small empire, … Continue reading

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Richard St. John: Pluto 2

After the action of the International Astronomers Union 8/24/06 . Poor Pluto, icy stone, never so lovely as Venus or possessing Jupiter’s pull.  Dragging along your equal moon, that old … Continue reading

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Fred Everett Maus: In the Women’s Prison

[This poem is made of words from a meditation group in a maximum security prison]   A woman meditates silently for two minutes, eyes closed—   Always a block party … Continue reading

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Molly Fisk: American Riddle

When you can’t figure out how to stop the war in Iraq, much less how to make enough money to pay your mortgage, moving the hundred and eighty dollars from … Continue reading

November 16, 2017 · 2 Comments

Sandra Mitchell: The Language of Love

J. L. Austin brought to language what the ethologist brings to the mating behavior of the woodcock, what the geologist brings to the tilted seams of shale and limestone stacked … Continue reading

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