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Jose Padua: Because Even in the Darkest of Days Revolution Is a Movement Towards the Light

On the same day in August 1967 when American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell was killed, my younger brother was born: one bad guy down, one good guy up … Continue reading

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Video: The Como Mamas “Count Your Blessings”

. Old school Gospel music from the album Come Upstairs by The Como Mamas, produced by Daptone Records. The Como Mamas — Ester Smith Mae, Della Daniels, and Angela Taylor — are three … Continue reading

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Video: Charlie Chaplin — Modern Times “Nonsense Song” (1936)

. When Chaplin sang this song in Modern Times, he was internationally famous, but it was the very first time that the world had heard his voice, after two decades of … Continue reading

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Carolyn Gregory: Tin King

The tin-hammered king rubs his hands in glee. His crown shines while covering the holes beneath.   He flies around the world acquiring gold and new deals, claiming success   … Continue reading

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Emma Lazarus: The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, … Continue reading

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Leonard Gontarek: Playing the Long Game

The helicopter drops down in flames in a sea of wheat. The leader is a skeleton. The leader is a statue. The leader is a ghost. I met him once, … Continue reading

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Angele Ellis: My sister’s bones

keep breaking. A midnight cough sharp as a rifle shot cracks a rib.   Hefting a hissing tomcat by its scruff shears a wrist. It’s not only skin that consents … Continue reading

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Doug Anderson: The Charm

During the reception, while the bride and groom were smiling till their faces ached, wishing it were over, and the parents were alternately weeping and jockeying for position in the … Continue reading

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Audio: Elizabeth Bishop reads “The Fish” (text included)

. Elizabeth Bishop (1911 – 1979) was an American poet and short-story writer who was born in Massachusetts, raised in Nova Scotia, and lived for many years in Brazil with … Continue reading

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Video: Lawrence Ferlinghetti reads “Pity the Nation” (text included)

. Lawrence Monsanto Ferlinghetti (born 1919) is an American poet, painter, liberal activist, and the co-founder of City Lights Booksellers & Publishers. Author of poetry, translations, fiction, theatre, art criticism, … Continue reading

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Video: Caravan Palace performs “Rock It For Me”

. Caravan Palace is a French electro swing band based in Paris. The band’s influences include Django Reinhardt, Vitalic, Lionel Hampton, and Daft Punk. Zoé Colotis – vocals Arnaud Vial … Continue reading

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Kristofer Collins: Almond Way

for Scott Silsbe   We made heroic work of a few six packs while warm breezes skirted through the screen door and pushed salt crystals and breakfast crumbs around your … Continue reading

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Ellen McGrath Smith: Epic Men

In the eighth grade, he must have pegged me as the one to watch, he cornered me on the way out of class to find out what I’d gotten on … Continue reading

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Margaret Walker: Sorrow Home

My roots are deep in southern life; deeper than John Brown or Nat Turner or Robert Lee. I was sired and weaned in a tropic world. The palm tree and … Continue reading

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