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On the Ocean of Dharma

Great Middle Way

sunset-sailboats-beach-hd-wallpapers-new-best-besktop-background-images-of-sail-boat-waidescreenThere are many boats on the shore.

Some are large and some are small;

some are strong, some are feeble;

some are beautiful, some are not;

some are full, some almost empty;

some are rich, some are poor.

Some are propelled by one means, some by another.

Some are sea-worthy, some are not.

When choosing a boat, first ask where it is going.

Not all are going where you may want to go,

and some will not go the distance.

Inquire about the captain, inspect the crew;

see if the structure of the boat is sound.

A good captain might tell you of a place

you had never considered as a destination.

Once on board, it is dangerous to change your mind.

If you straddle two boats, you might fall.

However, if the boat makes water, you must jump.

Still, have no fear.

There are those who specialize in salvage.

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One comment on “On the Ocean of Dharma

  1. i lke your article , very inspiring, and thank you for your post


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