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Nina Kossman: Valley of Closed Eyes

Dipping my cheekbones
into the blind substance,
into the cooling water of the maternal yes

May 16, 2022 · 1 Comment

Nina Kossman: Three Poems About a Head (3)

Yet you keep saying:
“I’ve lost my head for the love of my son,
I cannot find it anywhere!”
Well, then live without it.
Your son is lost to you and it is not your fault

April 10, 2022 · Leave a comment

Nina Kossman: Three Poems about a Head (Two)

If you cut off your right hand and bury it in the garden,
it will grow into a little daughter with wings instead of arms.

February 27, 2022 · 1 Comment

Nina Kossman: Three Poems About a Head (1)

And you, who came in here wearing rings,
but without your head,
leave your rings by the door,
and put your head on

January 30, 2022 · 4 Comments

Valerie Duff: Russian Chapter

Deserters call and wave their sacks
at the carriage bound for Petersburg.

August 4, 2021 · Leave a comment

Nina Kossman: While you wait for the music

While you wait for the music to open like a flower,
it is waiting for you to open yourself
to the air from which it is made

June 1, 2021 · 4 Comments

Nina Kossman: Upon seeing a portrait of Genrikh Yagoda* on a wall in a Moscow police station

so many feet that did not run away,
so many mouths that did not speak,
so many inheritors of what can’t be described

May 5, 2021 · Leave a comment

Nina Kossman: The Bomb

A bomb said to a city:
“I’m falling.”

April 12, 2021 · 3 Comments

Nina Kossman: Giordano Bruno’s Unwritten Letter

He didn’t have time to complete the letter
which he was composing in his head,
as the flames were beginning to engulf his body

March 7, 2021 · 5 Comments

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