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Arlene Weiner: The Real Thing

The college staged a musical, “The Scottsboro Boys,”

with roles for half a dozen young Black men.

Almost a vaudeville. Maz walked out 

in the middle—”couldn’t take it.”


I stayed, but I saw his point: 

I wouldn’t go to “Anne Frank, the Musical,”

and in fact I’ve passed up “Parade,”

about the lynching of the Jew Leo Frank.


Maz is a theater person: actor, 

writer, director. Triple threat. Gay. 

His partner Donny’s a drag queen,

Dawna Day. Once I asked Maz,         

“Is drag womanface?”


When they did a two-hander as rival women, 

Donny was hilarious. He pursed his lips, 

flounced, batted his eyes, spoke in a screech. 

Maz, with padded bosom, became an actual woman, 

gave her speeches dignity. He can’t help it:

He’s an actor, the real thing.

Copyright 2022 Arlene Weiner. From More by Arlene Weiner (Ragged Sky, 2022).

Arlene Weiner is a poet and playwright who lives in Pittsburgh.

Alyssa Edwards (Allure Magazine)

5 comments on “Arlene Weiner: The Real Thing

  1. Emily De Ferrari
    April 26, 2023

    as usual, Thanks! to Arlene.


  2. Lynn Emanuel
    April 26, 2023



  3. laureanne2013
    April 24, 2023

    “Maz, with padded bosom, became an actual woman,

    gave her speeches dignity. He can’t help it:

    He’s an actor, the real thing.” That last line, wow!!

    Liked by 1 person

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