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Video: Dances with Whales

The ethereal underwater vistas of an elite freediving team

One Breath Around the World is the latest aquatic spectacle from the French freediving champion Guillaume Néry, and his partner, the French freediver, underwater filmmaker and dancer Julie Gautier. Without the aid of supplied air, Néry plunges into the ocean’s hidden depths, revealing remarkable views of marine geology and wildlife around the globe. Seamlessly transitioning between a range of underwater realms, the video gives the impression that Néry’s journey is taken in a single breath. With stunning camerawork by Gautier, who also held her breath while filming, the duo prove themselves expert explorers of not only water, but space and perspective as well, making these grand underwater landscapes appear almost alien.

Via Kottke

Directors: Guillaume Néry, Julie Gautier

Websites: Les films engloutisAlmo Film

Text: Aeon

Running time: 12 minutes

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One comment on “Video: Dances with Whales

  1. Rose Mary Boehm
    June 5, 2021

    I am fascinated by whales. Wish we could communiate. And with dolphins.

    Liked by 1 person

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