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Video: Quarter Life Poetry on Planned Parenthood

A young woman goes into a Planned Parenthood clinic and experiences a confusing mix of emotions.

Quarter Life Poetry is created, written and performed by Samantha Jayne and directed by Arturo Perez Jr.

Reyna Calvillo
Estephanie Morena
Samantha Jayne
Tori La Desma
Jane Kim
Catherine Durickas
Megan McEwen

Running time: 4 minutes

Email subscribers may click on the title of this post to watch the film.

2 comments on “Video: Quarter Life Poetry on Planned Parenthood

  1. kim4true
    March 8, 2021

    Okay, watched it again. Definitely the Latina woman is going back for an abortion. Her friend is telling her not to worry it’ll be over quickly, while the male voice over the megaphone is shouting out that she’s a murderer. Meanwhile, the two women looking for STD tests work in the same office… Have they been sleeping with the same man? and then a third white woman enters, bold as brass, and asks for an STD test. She’s apparently been there before.

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  2. kim4true
    March 8, 2021

    Illustration of ignorance. Ignorance on the part of the cute little white girls who went to PP for STD tests because they don’t want anyone they know to see them, while the women of color are at PP because they have to go there–can’t afford to go elsewhere. The one woman crying because, why? I caught something about “pastiles” –pills. Was she going back for an abortion? Maybe she’d been raped? Must listen again to see if I can grasp HER story.

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