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Video: Into the Flame

A despairing man’s life changes when a moth burrows into his ear, setting off a series of visions that drive him forward into the adventure of his life.

Synopsis: Floyd is overworked and unfulfilled. His wife’s fascination with cults and her sudden disappearance is more than he can bear. As he tries to process it, a moth burrows into his ear and sets off a series of visions. These visions contain clues about where he went wrong and what might lead to his salvation— but first he has to get away from the moth!

Trying to escape the moth and these strange visions, he rushes out of his apartment and takes refuge in a local bar. But the bartender transforms into a moth man and the visions continue. Moths start eating away his suit. He bolts and grabs a cab but the driver, too, is one of them. In a panic, he runs for it.  

On foot and out in the open, he can see them now– their numbers are growing. He runs day and night. They grow closer. Finally, his feet give out and he collapses. Thinking for sure they will devour him, they pass overhead, showing no interest in him. Drained of the fear that propelled him forward, he walks on until his last ounce of energy is spent. He folds over in defeat.

A final, solitary moth lands on his hand. He holds it up to eye level and stares it down. He’s done running. He gives in, and in that release, he’s granted access to what he wanted all along.

Produced by Cloie Leger

Studio: Hue&Cry, Richmond, Virginia

Winner, Best Animation: 2019 Independent SanFrancisco Short Film Festival

Winner, 2019: IndieFEST Film Awards

Running time: 6 minutes

Email subscribers may click on the title of this post to watch the film.

Still shot of Into the Flame

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