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Dear Vox Populi subscribers:

I just want to mention that VP has started a new category of posts. Most of you are aware that since we started the webzine in 2014, some of our posts — poems, essays, films and music — have had a spiritual aspect, but now we’re tagging them as such. It occurs to me that in this dark time, everyone may need consolation now more than ever. If you click here, you’ll see the listings in the new category of “spirituality” which of course is an experience larger than religion. Namaste, ya’ll. — Mike

In winter, Lighthouse Beach in Chatham, Mass. (photo: Erik Jacobs/The New York Times)

3 comments on “Dear Vox Populi subscribers:

  1. Mike Schneider
    October 1, 2020

    Hi Mike,

    Regarding your new category, yes, why not add another another way to browse VP’s interesting & constantly explanding library. Knowing nothing of whatever may be your criteria, I’d have thought my piece on Father Ted — Theodore Hesburgh — would count as having to do with “spirituality” . . .  As you know, & as my piece touches on, as well his remarkable leadership in civil rights, he was also a national leader in the liberalization of Catholic universities & in leading negotiations between university educators & the Vatican.

    For that matter, likewise regarding my James Baldwin essays on /The Fire Next Time/, that discuss faith & poetry & that include Vaclav Havel’s personal statement of belief:

    There are some things that I have felt since childhood: that there is a great mystery above me which is the focus of all meaning and the highest moral authority; that the event called ‘the world’ has a deeper order and meaning, and therefore is more than just a cluster of improbable accidents; that in my own life I am reaching for something that goes far beyond me and the horizon of the world that I know; that in everything I do I touch eternity in a strange way. (from /Disturbing the Peace/)

    Larger than religion — yes. Be well, thanks,


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    • Vox Populi
      October 1, 2020

      Thanks, Mike. I’ve added the spirituality link to your Father Ted and James Baldwin essays. Take care, M.

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  2. loranneke
    September 30, 2020

    THANK you Michael…

    Was it you who, awhile ago, posted that video of 5 or 6 African American students singing polyphony hymns in a stairwell? I watched it 5 times — it brought me SUCH solace. I just tried to find that video again for the last ½ hour — no luck, unfortunately…. If you don’t know what I’m referring to I’ll ask the “hive-mind” to help me. I should have kept the link, idiot that I am….



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