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Connie Post: Iron Will

When the years were lean
my mother
ironed the clothing of others
to make ends meet
she pressed through the day
when my father was gone
working two jobs
I watched her 
smooth the history 
out of each rumpled seam
as the steam rose
from the fabric 
I understood how
lives the quiet life of rage 
I asked her often
“when are you going to be done”
but she never answered
the days bled into years
of beatings
followed by the imperative séance of silence
I left home young 
my car full of short skirts and wrinkled blouses
as the decades passed
I turned away
but sometimes
I still see her, standing there
fastening a floral apron
tripping on the cord of her own life
putting garments back on their hangers
adjusting the collars 
following the crease lines
just so 

Copyright 2020 Connie Post. From Prime Meridian by Connie Post.

American Beauty iron, manufactured c. 1950

One comment on “Connie Post: Iron Will

  1. Lynne Knight
    March 4, 2020

    Wonderful poem from a wonderful book, filled with brilliance and honesty–a book that will last because it tells the truth about being human in all its darkness and light.

    Liked by 1 person

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