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Sarah Gordon: Threshold

The open door beckons
a way out or a way in
when all else seems  
narrowly walled and white
The open door is a frame
for a painting, precisely
measured, carefully cut,
handmade, man-made
with power to close off
as a rope or an eye cordons
off or includes everything
pertinent to the scene
A clean aesthetic, simply
offering what it offers
seeing what it sees
and allows you to see
the river, the road,
the long line of trees
behind which the soldiers
stare, then languish
You see them there
their arms weary with
holding the guns
withholding their fire
You see them in the light
and think of them                                            
at night, your soft gown
blowing against you                             
as you sketch yourself 
into Life, entering
its scarred and beautiful body
its wide and open eye. 

Copyright 2016 Sarah Gordon. First published in The Sewanee Review.

One comment on “Sarah Gordon: Threshold

  1. Kathleen O'Toole
    January 7, 2020

    so lovely. Thanks Sarah and VP>

    Liked by 1 person

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