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Majid Naficy: Great Feast

In Memory of Ezzat Tabaian 

Will we see each other again?
Under the tall, evergreen cypress
Near the river that never dries out
The table has been set
And the scent of heavenly fruit is intoxicating.

Who will fill our glasses with red wine?
My heart overflows with joy.
The breeze is playing the “Green All Green” sonata
Through the cypress branches.
It’s time to start the dance.
Our solitude is an illusion.
You are still twenty-four years old
And my moustache is fully black.
Hold my hand.
The guests are all waiting.

Death, like a weary actress 
Has gone behind the stage
To take off her black dress
And put on her lounging gown.
The play is over
And the guests are all at the table.
I no longer wish to know
What you went through at the last moment of your life
Or what was the last word you uttered.
Our separation has been only an illusion.

Hold up your glass.
The host is pouring wine
The great feast has started.
I want to see you again 
And I am ready to pay
Whatever the host asks.

Note:  Ezzat Tabaian, the poet’s wife, was executed on January 7, 1982 in Evin Prison and buried in a mass grave in the Infedles Cemetery in Tehran. To read more about her, please click here.

Copyright 2004 Majid Naficy

Majid Naficy is the author of many books in English and in Persian, including Father & Son, published by Red Hen.

Image of a traditional Persian feast. 

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