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Juniper White: Pulse Oximetry

For Sam


Propped on pillows, eyes

closed, cannula askew,

the machine indifferently


draws and whirs oxygen

puffs, and you breathe

as you can.

I settle down beside,


place palm on your

thigh, the machine draws

and whirs.  I close


my eyes, your hand covers

mine.  I imagine the distance

between breath and breath,


aerobic galaxies drawn

and released, saturated-

unsaturated cells coursing


your heart and mind, casting

us days and hours in

moments.  You drift off to


draws and whirs, your hand on

mine.  Let’s believe this

is enough.


Copyright 2018 Juniper White

Juniper White is a mom, writer, teaching artist, and letterpress printer who cultivates handwork in Northwest communities.


Juniper and Tara driving across the Skagit Valley

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