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Antonia Alexandra Klimenko: Of Pee I Sing

Well get a whiff of you!

Freshly minted money

under your breath–

that sweet smell of success–


oozing from every pore–

Wall Street    offshore

dripping from towers


the blood and excrement

of the tired the weary  the poor

yearning to breathe free

Tent cities  rent cities

hearts ripped apart

Innocence crying in cages–

hostages at WalMart

Oh how you do engage us so

Enrage us so!

Your brand of eau de parfum–

beau-dy eau-dare–

reeking havoc on every aisle

in bored rooms   bedrooms

conferences everywhere

How dare you

not care –you–

art of the steal

fart of the deal

you who pollute our air so!

The unreal mitigation

of a sniffling power addict!

So Putinesque   Rasputinesque

So Kim Jong-Un American !

Let’s snub the United Nations

while we’re at it!

Puerto Rico

my heart’s devotion

let it sink into the ocean

OHH OH Eau de Odeur !!

The rank and prank of you  Spanky

owed to those Damn Yankees

and your unkind kind who voted for you

just because you ran screaming

licketysplit on the Republican ticket

Those with fading sense

the Defense of Offense

all that is ill—

legitimate pretense

Tis of thee  Eau de Misery–

armpit of humanity–

from the sweat of our brow

perspiration  inspiration

American freedom and know-how

is but a splash of eau de obsolescence

behind each ear  each year

your essence

inside every tear

Forgive me Mein Herr  mein error

Herr President  Herr Stinky

and the stench that precedes you

we can smell you from here

Copyright 2018 Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

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