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Billy Clem: Dear Lady Justice

Dear Lady Justice,


You are here without a summons.

Voices insist you be taken


upstairs to crowds waiting

to watch you, hear you proclaim


their imperative. Refuse, at last,

dirty from use, long stationed in rooms


of churning bile and duty shirked.

Move outside now free as spring’s robins.


Have nothing of these scripted circuses.

Search for space not up for auction


by men who claim you without scales,

without blindfold. Rip off that gown,


grey, tattered, and go among trees

thin as girls’ legs. See small waving


fronds, the hands of children who need you

to pick them up right now and run.


Copyright 2017 Billy Clem



3 comments on “Billy Clem: Dear Lady Justice

  1. jo McDougall
    March 26, 2017

    Great analogy to the state of our country. Ironic and powerful.

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  2. i like it!

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  3. Adina Freeman
    March 19, 2017

    My dear Billy, you have written so eloquently the state our country is currently in. Thank you for your beautiful and meaningful words.

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