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Philip Terman: Holocaust Memorial Lecture, 2016


When the Syrian human rights worker

Spoke of his prison experience,


A girl sitting beside me

Was consulting her cell phone, when


He began his story about his arrest,

I couldn’t help notice her scrolling


Facebook, when he described how, one

By one, his nails were tweezered out,


She was composing a text,

When he developed the part about the quivering


of his body from electric shocks,

I tried not to look down


At the smiling face emoticon

She included before pressing send,


When, his eyes shut as if reliving the moment—
they hanged me by my hands and legs


and tried to split me in half—
a showtune sounded from my jacket pocket.

Copyright 2016 Philip Terman

The U.S. Holocaust Museum is seen in Washington on February 20, 2011. UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg

The U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

One comment on “Philip Terman: Holocaust Memorial Lecture, 2016

  1. mlord102014
    May 17, 2016

    Thank you for sharing this moving post. Technology deadens us, it takes away some thing that is profoundly human and replaces it with trash.


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