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The Vegan Kitchen: Our Philosophy — No Fakin’ Bacon in our House!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting a number of recipes for dishes we regularly prepare in our home kitchen. Just to be clear, here are a few of the principles guiding these recipes:

  • If your dishes are delicious, no one will notice they are vegan.
  • Cooking needs to fit into our everyday lives. Recipes should be simple and use widely available ingredients.
  • We cook almost exclusively with whole unprocessed ingredients.
  • We regularly use substitutes for some of the most commonly used ingredients, such as butter, eggs, and milk. Instead of butter or margarine, we use olive oil or vegan butter. Eggs can be replaced in baking and cooking with vegan egg-replacer. Soymilk and nut-milks can stand in for cow’s milk. Soymilk can even be soured or curdled like buttermilk through addition of 1 tsp vinegar per cup
  • Vegan cooking is an adventure, and we have discovered wonderful dishes that can stand on their own without being imitations of standard American chain-restaurant food.
  • We avoid textured vegetable protein. Why eat fake meat if you can find a satisfying way of preparing the hundreds of vegetables available to us? No fakin’ bacon in our house!
  • We love East Asian cookbooks because they don’t rely on milk products and can easily be adjusted for vegetarian cooking.
  • Cook vegan, but don’t be a prude! We love a dash of fishsauce in our padh tai or even in our favorite Italian pasta sauce (recipes to follow in the next few weeks).
  • Yes, there are great vegan deserts!
  • If you love to bake, yeast dough for cakes and breads does not require eggs, and can be sweet or savory (bread recipes will follow). Biscuits and scones can be made vegan.
  • Herbs and spices are our friends. They give our dishes depth and sparkle and are full of powerful phytonutrients.
  • Vegan home cooking is the best medicine for a healthy body and a happy soul. And it is good for the planet.

Check Vox Populi next Wednesday for a great butternut squash soup recipe!

Copyright 2015 Eva-Maria and Michael Simms


— an assortment of herbs and spices

One comment on “The Vegan Kitchen: Our Philosophy — No Fakin’ Bacon in our House!

  1. jfrobb
    December 9, 2015

    Looking forward to next week! As my cooking & eating seem to be naturally moving closer and closer to . . .


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