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Vanessa German: At the Afternoon Bus Stop

so i waz downtown at the beautiful bus hour when alla the high school kids and after work mamas are making their way from the hard work n daycare to the city bus to ride them home through the city to a kitchen table that feels holy most days. and i waz lookin az i do taking holy stock of alla da beauty. beauty so big that it iz a pair of november red lips plump n righteous az the whole choir callin halelujah in unison. i said to myself oh the lies oh the lies. the lies the lies of ugliness that have run rampant through our heads n hearts to have us believin that the best that we can do iz to undo ourselves. to carve away n deny how fly we iz. fly az in flight. az in every holy hovering thing. call out the stars! call out every orbiting orb from deep space to new universe and her cousin! i tell you what! i say truth to truth to truth to truth— our truest true. is the healin kind. our truest. true. is the healin kind. dis is where i waz. at the afternoon bus stop.

Copyright 2015 Vanessa German.

One comment on “Vanessa German: At the Afternoon Bus Stop

  1. Suburban Leaves
    November 24, 2015

    I like!


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