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Vanessa German: The Secret Cities of Ohio

there are a million secret cities in the middle of ohio. a million hidden gravel roads pressed deep into the way back like creases on the dark side of god’s left hand where nothing dreams or grows cept the opposite and its twin. where so-n-so’s great grandfather is buried under a crooked stone worn away letters by acid rain and time where the frack trucks off road unload n drive faster than our imaginations can out run the aftermath. we said that the men need jobs to feed their families so we do what we have to do. just ask butte montana the Berkeley pit and all of those geese. the men need jobs. the kids need shoes. someone’s got to put food on the table. we sing amazing grace but it don’t make no sense. i went to this little antique mall offa ohio250 where the owners treated me like shit caked to the bottom of an old barn bench. you tolerate it cuz collectors like original color. color blind red green yellow blue beauty. i don’t just want the red rose I want the purple lavender that whispers everything that grows. and there are so many lessons in hating deep beauty in the absence of reverence to the open sky. everything that breathes and blooms also suffers. and if they can convince you to disappear the red red heart of yo soul to the blistering open sky. to the beauty that is you and your face upturned to it. then everything is easier. take the mountains take the air take the water. cz the kids gotta eat. but you caint drink frack water caint grow or swim in it either. the kids gotta eat so feed them food. they tell me the men need jobs. its what men are. they are jobs. they are work and we need them. and the fracked back roads make thunder. the middle of Ohio iz filled with fields of midnight sorrows n football stadiums. and I look back at the future. and if the kids need food. grow it and then put it on a table. build it. sing it. cut it down. be grateful. the men need jobs. kids need shoes. (love love love love love forgive me. lift me up and heal my broken soul) the kids must eat.

Copyright 2015 Vanessa German

One comment on “Vanessa German: The Secret Cities of Ohio

  1. randomyriad
    September 29, 2015

    I am entranced by the rhythms and the complexities. So much better read aloud.


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