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European Governance: A Kafkaesque Nightmare of Bureaucratic Nonsense

The Contrary Perspective

This year's winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is a lot more fab than the EU This year’s winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is a lot more fab than the European Union

Alex Dunn

If you want to understand Europe, ignore the convoluted EU and focus on the Eurovision Song Contest, argues Alex Dunn.

I would imagine that for the average American, European Politics is rather like cricket: overly complicated and not terribly interesting.  Well I have news for you: Europeans feel the same way.

There are probably a few cricket-loving Englishmen who take umbrage at such a slight, but research has shown that the majority of Europeans have little understanding of the institutions which drive the European Union or EU.  An Ipsos poll of citizens across 12 EU nations found that 62% had little interest in the 2014 European elections.  Only 35% said that they would definitely vote.

One of the problems of understanding Europe is answering the question “Who’s in charge?”.

For nation…

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