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Mel Packer: Why Bombing Iraq Again is a Terrible Idea

If I see a wounded animal by the side of the road with vultures cautiously approaching it and others circling overhead, should I swerve onto the shoulder and deliberately run the animal over? And, if I do so, have I saved it?  What is the role of the mightiest imperial power in the world that has already screwed up more nations than I ever studied in high school?


Frankly, I have no objection to food drops to the Yazidi who have fled to the mountain to escape ISIS. But who created ISIS? Where are its arms coming from? Can we not see that our policies over the last few decades have done nothing to create goodwill toward the US government in the Arab nations? Like Israel as it destroys Gaza, must we cling to the idea that “might makes right” and assume that our overpowering military arsenal will somehow make the families of those we kill appreciate our presence in their villages? Are we that insane?


If my neighbor down the street sends his kids to beat up my kids, can anyone expect that I might wish to invite him to my next family picnic? Common sense tells us that this is not a good idea.


Let’s get real folks, our foreign policy, like our domestic policy, has nothing to do with common sense because those of us WITH common sense, the average person, have no control over this government.


We are “ruled” (and I don’t use that word lightly) by a corporate entity that employs our elected officials at almost every level, buys their votes, and sits laughing in their boardrooms as we go out every 2 and/or 4 years thinking that we live in a democracy and can actually make a difference by voting for one of the two candidates backed by corporations.


We live in a nation run by a class of criminals and until we begin to believe in ourselves as a class and decide to take ourselves to the streets, along with every other form of protest available to us, we will continue to lose.


Is that possible? Of course it is. Read your history. We know how to make change, and it sure as hell isn’t by electing some phony savior who takes us down the same path as the last phony savior we elected.


— by Mel Packer

This essay was written for Vox Populi


Mel Packer


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