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Video: Amnesty International’s Position on the Gaza Occupation

Want to know more about where Amnesty stands on the Israel-Gaza conflict? Here’s  a video that answers the most frequently asked questions.

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Amnesty International: Medical workers and facilities being targeted by Israeli forces in Gaza

Testimonies from doctors, nurses, and ambulance workers who have spoken to Amnesty International paint a disturbing picture of hospitals and health professionals coming under attack by the Israeli army in … Continue reading

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Djelloul Marbrook: Don’t Believe the Libel that Poets Don’t Engage in Politics

Watching, we won’t see leaves break through the smooth finality of surface. This strophe from Rusty Morrison’s poem, “History of Seed,”* explains to a wondrous extent the way we are beguiled … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson: Gaza blockade must end

Israelis and Palestinians are still burying loved ones killed during Gaza’s third war in six years. Since 8 July, more than 1,800 Palestinian and 65 Israeli lives have been sacrificed. … Continue reading

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Djelloul Marbrook: The Tunnels of Gaza Thwarted Alexander the Great

The Five Ws of 19th Century journalism fall far short of the demands of 21st Century journalism and yet they remain the effective diktat of newsrooms. Let me show you … Continue reading

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Jill Jacobs: The Case for Radical Empathy.

Today, we suffer through increasingly vitriolic language from both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian partisans, and — even more frighteningly — violent protests in Europe,  Israel, the occupied Palestinian territories and even the … Continue reading

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Video: Israel and Palestine, A Brief Introduction

An animated history from Jewish Voice for Peace

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Howard Jacobson: Let’s see the ‘criticism’ of Israel for what it really is

Emotions have run high over recent events in Gaza. And in this impassioned and searching essay, our writer argues that just below the surface runs a vicious strain of ancient … Continue reading

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Video: Jewish Voice for Peace

Produced by Jewish Voice for Peace, this video is a first of its kind expression of support for Palestinian freedom, equality and justice.  Featuring a diverse group of celebrities, artists, and … Continue reading

July 28, 2014 · 3 Comments

It is not anti-Semitic to say: Not in my name

On a morgue slab in Shejaiya in the Gaza Strip a few days ago lay two anonymous children, a boy and a girl. Their bodies could not be identified because … Continue reading

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Video: ‘Free Palestine!’ World marches to protest Gaza victims

In Paris, Police used teargas against pro-Palestinian marchers. Tens of thousands marched peacefully in London, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Ramallah and other cities around the world.Over 350 Palestinians, many of … Continue reading

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Video: Jews and Muslims March Together in New York

In New York, Jews and Muslims march together to protest the war in Palestine.

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Reaping What We Have Sown in Gaza

Those who turned Gaza into an internment camp for 1.8 million people should not be surprised when they tunnel underneath the earth. I’ve already raised the white flag. I’ve stopped … Continue reading

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Video: Palestinian Children Killed in Airstrike

More atrocities: four children killed by Israeli airstrike. Graphic images.

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