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Doug Anderson: The Anger of Men

Does the fact of testosterone need a cultural ritual? We think of sports as a healthy way of de-sublimating testosterone but we don’t have a spiritual or philosophical approach to … Continue reading

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Jose Padua: The Age of Resistance

When all the things I used to whisper decline into words left unheard like liquid spilling from a cup away from the tongue and onto the table is when I … Continue reading

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Marcellene Hearn: The Torture Secrets Are Coming

The American people are entitled to know what took place in U.S. detention centers. And it would be completely backwards to suppress images of government misconduct on the grounds that … Continue reading

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Robert Okaji: Huazi Ridge (After Wang Wei)

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
Huazi Ridge Limitless birds merging with the autumn-colored hills all along Huazi Ridge this sadness, too, without end Another adaptation. I hope that…

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Anna Husain: The Other

I am the vendor on harlot streets I am the night on your tongue I am idiot vowels, striking out I am not what you imagine. I am soft and … Continue reading

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Marc Jampole: Gun Control Leads to a Civil Society

Those opposed to greater gun control don’t realize giving up rights is what civilization is all about “We give up our rights one piece at a time,” a West Virginia … Continue reading

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I’m Just Mild About Francis

Originally posted on The Contrary Perspective:
Francis, top center, among the bishops of the Church. Too worried about gays and the divorced to condemn the threat of mass murder by…

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New Report Shows Mounting Evidence of Millennials’ Shift Away from Driving

WASHINGTON – A new report from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) and Frontier Group shows mounting evidence that the Millennial generation’s dramatic shift away from driving is … Continue reading

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Tom Engelhardt: On Being An Indispensable Nation

President Barack Obama delivers the commencement speech to the U.S. Air Force Academy Class of 2012 at Falcon Stadium in Colorado Springs, Colo., May 23, 2012. It was May 23, … Continue reading

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Writeliving Interview – Charles Harper Webb

Originally posted on Writeliving's Blog:
I first met and became acquainted with the work of Charles Harper Webb more than 15 years ago, and I think of him as…

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Jose Padua: The Cold War of my American Dream

It was in the sixth grade when Sister Geraldine took us bad listeners and day dreamers out into the hall one afternoon to repeat after her, one by one, “The … Continue reading

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