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Mary Jane White: Axe

Always the trapped smell of sunlight
& the oiled axe to split the last of the kindling
& the bank’s rippled edge & the heavy suckerfish

March 27, 2023 · 4 Comments

Sandy Solomon: Metaphoric

Like leaves to sun, people in the room turned
toward her when she appeared at the door—
plain as metaphor—beaming.

January 23, 2023 · 2 Comments

Mary Jane White: Lindeman

you led me alone
into the sandhills, told me how you were named
for the lindens that grow like smaller oaks
or elms in Europe’s parks

July 20, 2022 · 2 Comments

Mary Jane White: Friend, You Count Yourself Faithless,

…the Sea and all her ships
are women you are too certain of —
who would not marry you for love.

May 14, 2022 · Leave a comment

Mary Jane White: “Dear Friends” by Marina Tsvetaeva:

Dear friends, who’ve passed these nights with us!
Miles, and miles, and miles, and dry bread . . .

April 8, 2022 · 5 Comments

Mary Jane White: “A Late Reply” by Anna Akhmatova

Distract me, my native fields,
From all that has happened to me,
The abyss that swallowed my loved ones

March 18, 2022 · 1 Comment

Mary Jane White: “For You” by Marina Tsvetaeva

For you, I dissolve a handful of
Burnt hair in the glass.
So you will not eat, not sing,
Not drink, not sleep.

February 18, 2022 · Leave a comment

Mary Jane White: Friend, Tell Me, What Can I Know

…always the sun failed again
for the evening, and the short grass fell dull
in the shadows, out of the slant-light.

January 3, 2022 · 3 Comments

Mary Jane White: Why, Friend, With Surprise and Awe

I weep easily and often
now for the world.

November 8, 2021 · 4 Comments

Marina Tsvetaeva: Thank God for the Rich

For their root, putrid and loose,
For their weeping-wound from the cradle,
For their perplexing habit of taking
More from my pocket into their pocket.

January 22, 2021 · 2 Comments

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