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Video: 7 Spectacular Moths in Slow Motion!

Shooting seven different moth species at a whopping 6,000 frames per second (fps) – compared with the standard 24 fps for film and television – the biologist Adrian Smith guides viewers through the incredible biophysics of moth flight.

Take off flight sequences captured at 6,000 fps! All the moths in this video were collected and filmed in Cornish, NH between July 12 – 16. All moths were released after filming. 00:00 – Rosy maple moth 01:01 – Polyphemus moth 02:01 – Dark marathyssa 02:45 – Virginian tiger moth 03:18 – Beautiful wood-nymph 03:59 – White-dotted prominent 04:29 – Blinded sphinx Species names: Rosy maple moth – Dryocampa rubicunda Polyphemus moth – Antheraea polyphemus Dark marathyssa – Marathyssa inficita Virginian tiger moth – Spilpsoma virginica Beautiful wood-nymph – Eudryas grata White-dotted prominent – Nadata gibbosa Blinded sphinx – Paonias exaecata

Music licensed from soundofpicture.com

Director: Adrian Smith

Laboratory: Evolutionary Biology and Behavior Research Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and North Carolina State University

Running time: 5 minutes

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Header moth

2 comments on “Video: 7 Spectacular Moths in Slow Motion!

  1. loranneke
    July 9, 2022

    I watched this over & over — what absolute beauty surrounds us if we take time to look closer, huh?!

    Liked by 2 people

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