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Margo Berdeshevsky: After Fado, At the Elgins

He’s humming the saudade, we’re stopped

at horses, and men—my friend who loves

men I who love men and

I am your friend I say, I know, he says, so

few say it, he says I know, I say, the fierce

ballet of muscled legs, genitals capturing each

of our wants—in limestone. How have your

days been I say not your succès d'estime or

your failed crowns or mine—I’m weary of

celibacy he says, eyes on the Elgin Centaurs,

battling warrior-boys forever—father, forever,

son, it’s war for men he says,

elder—tested to a kill by a perfect boy’s fist,

the centaur’s heft and metaphor winning—

youth proving, and proving,

but neither older or younger

follow me home now he says I know, I say,

but days, some simple days, a noise of water

running green to its garden pool, pearl

moans of folded wings, an astonishment of early

blossom—don’t believe me, I say, reaching no hand

but this kindred-sister-lust toward horse, and man, 

whatever age, old friend

                              —we adjust our shawls,

turn separate spines on men and centaurs and warriors,

our age and mortal youth,  our unto-death un-killed

desires,     old friend, walk me to some square of peace 

—there’s one around the corner, 

                                stand before its lack of battle

black tulips, its blooms, its city petals  

                      —and thank you for your human eye not

other than God’s I think, or mine…tell me I say what’s lost…

From Before the Drought by Margo Berdeshevsky (Glass Lyre Press, 2021).

Reprinted in Vox Populi by permission of the author.

Margo Berdeshevsky, born in New York City, often lives and writes in Paris. Her

Letters from Paris” have appeared for many years in Poetry International online. 

Metope from the Elgin marbles depicting a Centaur and a Lapith fighting

One comment on “Margo Berdeshevsky: After Fado, At the Elgins

  1. vengodalmare
    March 21, 2022

    I like it


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