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Richard Hoffman: A Fable

Buncha monkeys

try to get along:

who gets what’s

one question, hard,

with lotsa itchy

dicks & estrus,

nits to pick &

coconuts, bananas

finite, unripe, &

low down pythons,

crocs, & big cats

play gotcha (&

eatcha!) so on up

the treetrunks

monkeys screech,

each monkey for

itself, until each

who reaches the

canopy says we

who are here are

treetop monkeys

not like you who

have to try to

not be food &

down below us

work out ways

to dodge our poo.

Then one day one

young one among

the dodgers got

a new word in his

head: instead,

a word a monkey

punk could spread

along the ground

and lower branches.

Sweeter than coco,

the milk from that

crack made trees

inside the monkeys,

trees that grew so

fast they scratched

and shook their

itchy heads; they

tapped their pates,

and made a new sign:

one by one, one

monkey at a time,

they banded, bonded,

began to climb.

Copyright 2022 Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman‘s many books include a memoir Love & Fury (Beacon 2014) and a collection of poems Noon until Night (Barrow Street 2017).

image by Chaoshu Li

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