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Ellen McGrath Smith: Hand me your last resurrection 

Hand me your last resurrection

so I can laminate it. That way, when you spill

bourbon all over it, it will stay safe,

like a small child hidden in a hollow tree

while the soldiers kill his family.

I will not fold it. I’ll pretend

it hasn’t been creased

to the point of crumbling.

The laminate will hold it together.

Look at it and see your beatific face reflected.

You hit bottom and climbed your gnarly way

back out. It’s visible now in the light.

Look it in the eyes;

stop staring at the well that nearly killed you.

Copyright 2022 Ellen McGrath Smith

Ellen McGrath Smith is the author of Nobody’s Jackknife (West End, 2016). She teaches at the University of Pittsburgh.

5 comments on “Ellen McGrath Smith: Hand me your last resurrection 

  1. maddiemysko
    January 15, 2022

    There is something miraculous about the arrival of certain poems you select. On some dark mornings they have been like visitations, like angels speaking fierce wisdom and taking my breath, except that the voice is human. This is one of those poems. Thank you, again.

    Liked by 3 people

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