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Susan Kelly-DeWitt: The Moon Is Doing The Australian Crawl

but down here the thoughts are 


the branches of sycamores and elms float up 

like kelp or eel grass and sea stars shine

in the memory currents

my mother has worked her way up 

through the wave-rungs

of the spirit-corps’ fleshless ladder—

secretary of the afterworld

she reentered as grit 

                        from the slopes

my brother sifted her in

inched his way down the steeps at Kaneohe 

                        to disperse her 

close as he could get 

to surf-swell, to give her wind 

and sea wings

Copyright 2021 Susan Kelly-DeWitt

Susan Kelly-DeWitt’s books include The Fortunate Islands (Marick, 2008).

Moon tree (photo: Forbes)

2 comments on “Susan Kelly-DeWitt: The Moon Is Doing The Australian Crawl

  1. thomasgoff
    January 6, 2022

    With her “subaqueous” imagery, Susan Kelly-DeWitt submerges us in a watery realm where we witness, indeed cannot escape, the touch of the “grit” which constitutes her late mother’s ashes, submitted to the deeps off Kaneohe–yet the mother’s living presence infuses this elegy with eerie reanimation, as the lunar orb, swimming past us, adds its tidal influence to the onward sea-swirl.

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