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Michael Gregory: This is your mind as green slime mold

Love is always inappropriate

                                                – Donna Haraway


This is your mind as green slime mold

learning to make your way through the labyrinth

an octopus growing new tentacles

a starfish arm growing a new starfish.

This is your mind as a butterfly emerging

with still-damp wings from the chrysalis it entered

as a caterpillar, enshrouded itself in swaddling,

dissolved into a disgusting gooey mess,

metamorphosed into a fragile beauty

that flies, feeds, excretes, in genitive mode

leaves offspring to restart the engine, then dies again.


This is your mind as interlarded cyberspace

a plasmic jello that networks neurotic and semiotic

codes and signals, an intermittent reflexive web

of entropic pulsations going on and off through rhizomatic

nongeometric transmission and reception tendrils

rooted in cellular vocabularies,

the whole shebang constituting a cosmos in a nutshell

a dumbbell ontology you come to call yourself

a liminal being unable to see itself in the mirror

a bioelectronic nomenclatural mechanism

about as lovable as an intransitive verb.


This is your mind expressing your hybrid self

as body and soul a working assemblage composed

of what’s in the water air soil and smoke,

mingling molecules and attitudes

sinews and desires platitudes and functions

nervous circuits and circadian rhythms pure crap

and masterful conceptions, touching each other

with tentative fingertips breath insight and wonder,

sharing our persons, our lives, with one another

for better or worse as we see fit depending

on circumstances we face from our coming to birth.


This is your mind as subatomic playing field

waves and particles exchanging identities

in constant mathematical flux in and out of

existence, no fixed address in radiant spectrum

the very definition of uncertainty an

unfathomable incomprehensible

emptiness between nodes of possibility

a hypothetical multidimensional moment

where even under strict laboratory procedures

without the slightest trace of erotic intent photons

become entangled at a distance in no time at all.

Copyright 2021 Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory’s many books include Mr. America Drives his Car (Post-Soviet Depression, 2013). He lives off the grid in rural Arizona.

Physarum (image: Pinterest)

2 comments on “Michael Gregory: This is your mind as green slime mold

  1. Rio
    August 9, 2021

    Wow! Love this poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Barbara Huntington
    August 8, 2021

    One I will reread ( ye old zoology student is still there despite the passing of time)

    Liked by 1 person

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