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George Drew: The Sheryl Crow I Mean (with soundtrack)

And my grandmother, plopped in her recliner

and next to her, her bible; my grandmother,

gentle dumpling of a woman in her eighties

who believed in the Lord, buttermilk biscuits

and crowder peas; my grandmother, velvet Jesus

tacked to the wall and looking down forgivingly

over her shoulder and her head bopping up

and down to Sheryl’s certified country licks

and all the while exclaiming Lord have mercy,

how that gal can sing; my grandmother, face

puffed into a radiance only the born again

can comprehend and for whom the Sheryl Crow

I mean, the smokin’ hot honey dressed in skin

tight black leather pants and matching jacket

and wielding her six-string and harmonica,

meant Mr. Sin and his sidekicks were for

the moment muzzled, her ears closed to them,

pure exultation the coin of her small realm.

George Drew’s many books include Drumming Armageddon (Madville, 2020).

Copyright 2020 George Drew

3 comments on “George Drew: The Sheryl Crow I Mean (with soundtrack)

  1. Alfred Encarnacion
    July 17, 2021

    Yes, Sheryl gets even the old folks rockin’… loved the poem!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mike Fleming
    July 17, 2021

    Don’t worry, George — Mr. Sin has made a big comeback!

    Liked by 1 person

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