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Rick Campbell: The God Particle

I suppose we would think there’s only one, 
a mono-God, one particle over all, everlasting, 
though lost for eons, some incredible length
of God time, particle time, creation time, 
but not eternity, because that’s out of time.
This god particle, if found, might provide light 
and warmth, or another weapon capable 
of ending time as we know it and sending us
into the dark where even a God can’t save us.
Imagine, till then, the God particle swinging 
on strings through space like Tarzan on his vines, 
and we too traversing this quantum universe with some,         
but not Tarzanic, dexterity, haunted 
by spooky actions at a distance, disappointed
by truths, fleeting; promises that expand
and collapse into new worlds of doubt.
Gods—Mighty and Merciful, Infinite,
Eternal, One and Many. 

Rick Campbell is a poet and essayist living on Alligator Point, Florida. His latest collections of poems are Gunshot, Peacock, Dog. (Madville Publishing, 2018) and Provenance (Blue Horse, 2020).

Copyright © 2020 by Rick Campbell. Included in Vox Populi by permission of the author and Blue Horse Press. 

Simulated data from the Large Hadron Collider particle detector shows the Higgs boson produced after two protons collide. (Image: © CERN)

2 comments on “Rick Campbell: The God Particle

  1. rosemaryboehm
    January 31, 2021

    Yes, this whole subject is a deep well for speculation. I am with on that one.

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  2. Barbara Huntington
    January 31, 2021


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