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Video: How I became 100 artists

How do you stage an international art show with work from 100 different artists? If you’re Shea Hembrey, you invent all of the artists and artwork yourself — from large-scale outdoor installations to tiny paintings drawn with a single-haired brush. Watch this funny, mind-bending talk to see the explosion of creativity and diversity of skills a single artist is capable of.

Shea Hembrey’s art imitates nature’s forms, in an attempt to appreciate how humans have always appropriated and learned from forms in nature. An early fascination with birds (as a teenager, he was a licensed breeder of migratory waterfowl), led to “Mirror Nests,” a series of metal replicas of bird nests exhibited at Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology observatory.

Hembrey works with focused concentration on a single project, letting his research into his subject direct the media and methods of the final product. He has produced works on folk and faith healing inspired by his healer grandfather, and his view of art was profoundly changed while studying Maori art while he was a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar to New Zealand.

Running time: 16 minutes

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4 comments on “Video: How I became 100 artists

  1. Katherine Lawrence
    May 21, 2021

    I finally could take time to watch the whole TED talk.
    Being an artist and in multiple genres, I felt a real kinship to Shea Hembrey. I often heard the question, “why don’t you just stick to one thing rather than doing so much.” It seems as though emerging in an unexpected area distorts the anticipation of the viewer.

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    • Vox Populi
      May 21, 2021

      I have the same issue, Katherine. I’m a poet, novelist, editor, teacher, performer… If I focused on one of those fields, I would probably be more successful.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. loranneke
    December 6, 2020

    Ha– most interesting!


  3. johnlawsonpoet
    December 5, 2020

    Great fun. Reminds me of the multiple identities adopted by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.

    Liked by 1 person

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