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Sandra McPherson: What Should We Anticipate?

“It seems that when there’s a death it takes 

a little bit of our amusement away.”

                        —  my daughter as a child


I’m packing enough

for the impending flea market: We are

vendors of jeweled dice,

peddlers of old signatures’ pen-edges,

bare second-hand divans in the rain.

Preparing the circumspect steps of transfer — 

death, of course, but also stealth,

eviction, dissolution, maturation.

I bring the lonely pickle dish with

social purpose almost no one means now.

Tinned French Great War bandages

still give off scent,

mildewed, medicinal, soaped, or sweated.

Can I lay by for the end of the world

just these oddities and a paperclip,

maybe a softball bat to establish a history

of obedience (Go outside and play)

and fair play (Play fair)?

If I have to grow outdated and faint

into a trader’s showtrunk,

I know I’ll consist of scores

of diaries priced for less than written value.

Sell part of me but not my whole

soliloquy.  Consider toy-sweat on a doll dress:

One side of life is rougher;

one side of taffeta outshines the other.

Published in Certain Uncollected Poems, Ostrakon Press, 2012.

Packwood, Washington Flea Market

One comment on “Sandra McPherson: What Should We Anticipate?

  1. Barbara Huntington
    August 19, 2020

    This one speaks to me, especially at this time and with family that shows little interest in artifacts of family history.

    Liked by 1 person

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