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Christine Skarbek: Musings with the Nightingale

I sit at my window watching the sun rise.
The world is aglow.
For the first time ever,
I was able to listen to a nightingale's clarion song here     
in Konstancin Poland
during the clear, moonlit night.

A friend in Connecticut has lost
over 40 friends and relatives to covid-19.
Overwhelmed with grief, 
he can no longer speak.

Another in Illinois has seen her 401k drop
from over a million dollars to $400,000.
How do I tell her about my friend in Connecticut?

What do I say to my friend in Connecticut
to let him know
nightingales still sing
and the moon and the sun still rise?

Christine Skarbek is an American writer who lives in Poland.

Copyright 2020 Christine Skarbek

Nightingale singing

2 comments on “Christine Skarbek: Musings with the Nightingale

  1. Pamela Perry
    May 27, 2020

    Christine….the nightingales sing….the warblers anounce the day….the sandhill cranes chime in…all to start the day! I wake each morning to this beautiful chorus and wonder….will people notice when these small wonders of melodic gestures will be gone??? Someday…not in the distant future….people will surely be amazed when they see… one bird fly by…and in amazement say …i remember when there were so many…that we should have cherished their songs.

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  2. selina333333333
    May 27, 2020

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