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Majid Naficy: Morning Blend

Every morning my love
Brings me a cup of coffee
With a piece of dark chocolate.


I sit up in bed,
Put her pillow behind me,
Give her a kiss
And blend with the aroma of the coffee.


One hour later
It’s my turn.
She puts her towel
In the dryer
And asks Alexa to set the alarm.


After ten minutes
I get the warm towel
And appear behind the shower door.
She dries off the water
From her eyelashes,
Gives me a kiss
And blends with the heat of the towel.

Majid Naficy’s many books in Persian and in English include Father & Son, published by Red Hen.

Copyright 2020 Majid Naficy

Cappuccino with chocolate (Wikipedia Commons)

One comment on “Majid Naficy: Morning Blend

  1. Nasser Mohajer
    April 7, 2020

    Nice. Romantic. picturesque.

    Liked by 1 person

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