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Yana Djin: Tender are the nights

Tender are the nights spent in a haze.
Stone-cold the days. Sharp-cut.
In this city that reflects the rays
against its windows — constantly shut.


Light as the breath of a child is love. 
Strong it is as life. 
Swim above the roofs and hover
over the daily strife. 


Fly just above the waters that part.
Gliding astray.
As if you were a stray dog’s heart
pulsate and pray


to the rhythm that will outlast me and you,
will outlive, outshine, out-die
and turn into a bare hue
upon your mild hazel eye.

Copyright 2019 Yana Djin

Yana Djin was born in Tbilisi and now lives in New York. She writes in English and Russian.

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