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David Adès: One Manifestation of Compassion

After years 
watching the thump of its tail
on the floor
and the quizzical soft brown-eyed gaze
whilst it waited and begged
for a few crumbs from the table
I did the only humane thing left
and led the poor old emaciated
dog of hope out the door
and with a few quiet words
and a parting hug
laid it to rest
in the unresisting soil of neglect.

Copyright 2020 David Adès

David Adès and his family recently survived the great fires of Australia, only to be faced with floods.

Rosie, known as “the dog of hope,” regrettably had to be put down recently by the author. (Just kidding! Actually Rosie is fine; it was only one trillion kangaroos, wombats, koalas and other mammals , as well as a dozen people, that died in Australia’s recent fires.)

2 comments on “David Adès: One Manifestation of Compassion

  1. David Adès
    March 14, 2020

    The biographical note I think overstates the position and I would like to correct it, particularly for all those Australians who were much more seriously impacted by events than we were. We did survive the fires, but were ultimately in no imminent danger from them. Whilst we felt exposed and vulnerable and anxious and there was ash in the air and smoke in the sky, the fires did not come anywhere close to us. I am grateful because our house cannot be defended in the event of fires of the nature that we saw this past summer. As for the floods, we sustained water damage to our master bedroom and en suite: in the scheme of things pretty minor.

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