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John Samuel Tieman: A Fun Little Test

Here’s a fun little test.   Of the ten statements listed below taken from song lyrics, how many do you agree with?


1) Stand up all victims of oppression
For the tyrants fear your might

2) Don’t cling so hard to your possessions
For you have nothing if you have no rights

3) Let racist ignorance be ended
For respect makes the empires fall 

4) Freedom is merely privilege extended
Unless enjoyed by one and all 

5) Let no one build walls to divide us
Walls of hatred nor walls of stone 

6) Come greet the dawn and stand beside us
We’ll live together or we’ll die alone 

7) In our world poisoned by exploitation
Those who have taken now they must give 

8) And end the vanity of nations
We’ve but one earth on which to live

9) When we fight provoked by [oppressor’s] aggression
Let us be inspired by like and love

10) Though [oppressor’s] offer us concessions
Change will not come from above 


The words of this little test, Comrade, are taken from Irish singer and activist Billy Bragg’s 1989 revision of the lyrics of The Internationale, the official anthem of the socialist movement.

So comrades, come rally
For this is the time and place
The international ideal
Unites the human race 

One comment on “John Samuel Tieman: A Fun Little Test

  1. jvi7350
    March 2, 2020

    Tieman’s “fun little test” a not so subtle test of Orwellian right think in lyrical form.

    Liked by 1 person

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