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Hedy Habra: The Taste of the Earth

Two fawns cross the creek. One of them pauses, 
to his mirror reflection by the tip of his tongue, 
worlds merge on the fault line of a folded image.
A musical phrase sticks to your skin, the wind 
ripples, liquid dunes lick the shoreline, give 
    moisture to
wild brush, blown-over seeds and thoughts.
Iridescent hummingbirds hover over purple iris 
The shore is faithful to the stream’s first touch. 
    Like first
love, it nourishes tendrils rising into a green 
never forgotten like the taste of the earth. A desert
for an oasis, a fawn melts into the music of a fable,
a gazelle, new memories map rhizomes twisting,
anchoring us farther with each shoot spreading from 
birthplace to everywhere we’ve lived, to where we 
now, and does it make a difference if the root 
Copyright 2019 Hedy Habra. First published by Sukoon
 Literary Journal.From The Taste of the Earth 
 (Press 53,2019)

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