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Doug Anderson: Original Sin

I don’t know what I’ve done
but I’m guilty.
They strap me into the chair.
I wonder if it will hurt,
if it will be horrible.
The power hums as they turn it on.
I pray the best I’ve ever.
Then they flip the switch.
I feel strange but not afraid.
Something is wrong.
They look at each other,
turn the power off,
mumble something about a malfunction.
They unstrap me. 
I get up and stretch, share jokes
with the executioners.
I think, this is where they let me go.
But they fix the problem,
sit me down and tighten the straps.
I don’t need to pray.
I did it well enough the first time.
I hear the power go on.

Copyright 2019 Doug Anderson

Boat (photo by Doug Anderson)

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