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Majid Naficy: George Habash Sandwich

We returned from a Trump protest
And wanted to walk in Golden Gate Park.
We stopped at a sandwich shop
Which smelled like Tehran.


Wendy said, “He looks Iranian.
His name is David Habash.”
I said,  “No” and asked, “Where are you from?”
He said, “My grandfather came from Jerusalem 
And this shop belonged to him.”


Then, guess what we said and heard.
He told me about his Uncle George 
And I told him about my late friend, Hossein
Who after the Siahkal Raid* 
Went to Dubai from Iran 
To join the Palestinian Movement.


David gave me a big sandwich
Which was like a casket.
I said, “One day 
We will bury our dead”
And we left.


We sat in the park
Biting into our sandwiches.
They were sweet and spicy
And, as with Iranian sandwiches,
Full of pickles.

February 20, 2019  

*On February 8, 1971, a group of young guerrillas attacked the gendarmerie post in the town of Siahkal near the Caspian Sea. It was the beginning of Armed Struggle in Iran.  

Copyright 2019 Majid Naficy

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