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Ziggy Edwards: Childish Thinking

When you badmouth the world and human beings
I sigh and nod like I’m wise instead of blessed.
How to defend a sunset or soap bubbles
floating across the park? My agreement is 
not fake yet always stings as if someone dissed 
my hometown team. As if I care about sports.
I might be a monster for tolerating 
heinous imperfections that have yet spared me 
and fed my gratitude for bright workday 
commutes, ducks grazing the edge of the river. 
Even the humans I enjoy most are not 
who I thought, including us both. Like a child 
of quarreling parents I eat all blame since 
this is my dream. When strangers dance in the street 
and hug I don’t know what they’re celebrating
but it seems like a good night to be alive.  

Copyright 2019 Ziggy Edwards

Ziggy Edwards is a poet and political activist who lives in Pittsburgh. She and her son Jude edit the online poetry magazine Uppagus.

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