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Abby Zimet: Racism Has A Name

Grieving in El Paso. Photo by Bryan Woolston/Reuters


So the White Supremacist-In-Chief dully read someone else’s speech, POW-like, blaming the latest carnage in El Paso and Dayton, which he called Toledo, on video games, the Internet, “mentally ill monsters.” But everyone knows who to blame: Trump – the racist who’s run over 2,000 Facebook campaign ads slamming the “invasion” of immigrants, the accessory to the crime who fans the flames by calling for “the good old days” of unbridled violence against “the other,” the “ethical black hole” and POS of a human being so lacking in common decency there’s no there there, just a foul breeze blowing. In El Paso, enraged and grieving residents fashioned “diabolical” Trump pinatas and carried signs reading “Silence Is Violence” and viewed him as precisely what he is – an accomplice to white nationalist terrorism. “Trump is a cruel, cruel man,” said one Mexican-American. “He’s a bad man. I don’t believe in the devil, but, if there’s such a thing, it’s him.”

Close behind is Massacre Mitch McConnell – now trending on Twitter – for his years-long, unconscionable blocking of universally supported gun control legislation, including background checks, because the NRA is paying him to the tune of over $1.26 million to let people keep dying. Remarkably, the El Paso shootings didn’t stop him from posting a re-election campaign stop photo featuring headstones with the name of his rival Amy McGrath, but he did issue his usual, hollow drivel about having sads, prompting responses along the lines of, “Fuck your prayers. Their blood is on your hands, you turtle without a shell.” The rest of the gutless, blood-soaked GOP likewise got what they deserved, from gun-happy Gov. Greg Abbott gloating, “Some Texas justice will be served up” to idiotic Ohio pol Candice Keller blaming gun deaths on video games, fatherless children, not enough God in our schools, hatred of our veterans and  “drag queen advocates.” No wonder desperate people are pleading online to “politicize my death” in the next inexorable mass shooting. Are we great yet?

God on our pathetic, entirely misplaced thoughts and prayers: “Think back to how you were sobbing…To how you are sobbing.”

Photo by Michael Chow/Arizona Republic


First published in Common Dreams.

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