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Ed Ochester: Trump Diary

Author’s note: The idea behind the Trump diary poems is that T & his accomplices throw out so much garbage that it’s hard for people to remember it all. The poems are a kind of running record of his doings & effects that one can refer back to–and laugh at. I’ve been doing these daily.  I’m enclosing as samples the most recent four. 


Trump accuses Biden
of "abandoning Pennsylvania"
(B's family moved to Delaware
when he was 10)

Less than 1 in 4 Americans
want Roe overturned

Susan Collins "not sure why"
there's a Republican
religious war on women

"Susan Collins just voted
to put another forced birther judge
on an important court"

Trump lies that
Green New Deal means
buildings "with no windows"

5th migrant child dies
after detention

back seats of Uber & Lyft cars:
35,000 times the germs
of the average toilet seat

The name "Donald" 
now ranks #526, the lowest
since records began
in the 1880's



two daily kos comments:
"Trump is closer to 300
than 200 lbs and also
eats a diet of shit";
"Ronald McDonald may get
the Medal of Freedom yet."

Tennessee GOP House Speaker
forced to resign by Republicans
after lewd and racist messages

On-line comment:
"Republicanism must be
a moral disease,
so many men in this party
are below scum level."

Two headlines by Andy Borowitz:
"William Barr Reads Moby Dick,
Finds No Evidence of Whales";
"Americans Fear that Former Trump Staffers
Will Be Released into Their Cities"

(like, for example, having a "fixer"
give big checks to former "girlfriends")




Pelosi asks Trump family/staff
to stage intervention for him
"for good of the country"

Trump says he won't do nation's business
if House investigates him

videos of Pelosi doctored
so she appears drunk--
appear on social networks

Trump defends his mental fitness, calls self

Trump trashes Rex Tillerson
(for saying Putin outfoxed him)
says he's "dumb as a rock"

Dow Jones Industrial Average
down 286 pts.



Owner  of Noah's Ark replica
in Kentucky sues insurers
for refusing to cover
rain damage.

Trump rolls back healthcare 
for transgendered 
and women.

Samantha Bee:
"As Elizabeth Warren put it. . .
Fox News is a 'not-for-profit
racket' which, in all fairness
would make it the first
profitable racket Donald Trump
has ever been involved in"

Trump considers pardons for
convicted American war criminals.

Wall Street Journal:
Trump:  $16 billion for farmers
as soybeans, corn and sorghum
fall to 10-year lows
after Trump tariffs

Copyright 2019 Ed Ochester

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  1. Tricia Knoll
    May 28, 2019



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